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Product Features

YIDU Stationery Supplies Co., Ltd. is a leading innovator in the stationery industry, committed to delivering products that enhance organization, protection, and presentation. With a reputation for excellence, we take pride in offering an array of carefully crafted stationery items that cater to diverse needs.

Traveling can be a whirlwind adventure, and your luggage tag should withstand the journey just as well as you do. Our laminating pouches are specifically designed to provide the utmost protection for your luggage tags, ensuring they remain pristine, legible, and intact throughout your travels.

Product advantages

Crafted using top-grade materials, our laminating pouches are built to endure various travel conditions. The sturdy construction ensures that your luggage tags are shielded from moisture, tearing, and everyday wear and tear. Our pouches boast exceptional transparency, allowing your luggage tag's information and design to be clearly visible from the outside. This not only adds a professional touch but also makes it effortless for baggage handlers to identify your belongings. 


YIDU offers a range of pouch sizes to accommodate various luggage tag dimensions. Whether you have a standard-sized tag or a larger, more intricate design, we have the perfect pouch to match. We understand that aesthetics matter. Our laminating pouches add a touch of sophistication to your luggage tags, elevating their visual appeal while maintaining the crucial information intact.


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In conclusion, YIDU Stationery Supplies proudly presents its collection of laminating pouches for luggage tags. With a focus on quality, aesthetics, and functionality, these pouches are an essential travel companion, ensuring your luggage tags endure the rigors of your journeys while staying stylish and intact. Choose YIDU for exceptional stationery solutions that elevate your organizational game.

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About YIDU!

was founded in 1992 in Huizhou, Guangdong, and specializes in producing and selling plastic laminating films, PET pre-coated films, slides, PET binding covers, geothermal films, gold films, new energy films, crystal films, tempered films, PET adhesive sheets, and other related products.


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Professional products, stable quality, first-class service, reasonable price, YIDU is your perfect partner in laminating film.


The products cover the domestic market with its excellent quality and are exported to Europe, North America and other developed countries and developing countries in Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East and so on.


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