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Product Features

Huizhou Yidu Stationery Supplies Co., Ltd. is proud to present our latest offering: the Anti-Static Matte Finish Thermal Laminating Film Roll. This cutting-edge product is designed to provide exceptional document protection while delivering a sleek and professional appearance.

YIDU Anti-Static Matte Finish Thermal Laminating Film Roll offers robust protection for your important documents. By encasing them in a laminated layer, it shields against moisture, dust, dirt, and other potential hazards that can damage or degrade the quality of your materials. 

With this film, you can ensure that your documents retain their integrity and readability over time. One of the standout features of our laminating film is its matte finish. Unlike traditional glossy finishes, this matte effect reduces glare and reflections, resulting in a more professional and sophisticated appearance

Product advantages

Whether it's for business presentations, educational materials, or creative projects, the matte finish adds an elegant touch that enhances the overall visual appeal of your documents.

Incorporating anti-static properties, our laminating film roll is an ideal choice for preserving sensitive electronic documents or materials. It effectively minimizes static electricity, reducing the risk of dust accumulation and ensuring that your documents remain clean and clear.

This feature is particularly advantageous for industries such as electronics, engineering, or medical, where static discharge can cause severe damage. Our laminating film roll is designed for hassle-free application. With its compatibility with most thermal laminators, you can conveniently laminate your documents without any complex procedures.

The film adheres smoothly to your materials, preventing bubbling or wrinkling, and ensures a seamless finish every time. This user-friendly feature saves you time and effort, enabling you to achieve professional results effortlessly.

The laminating film is the perfect choice for individuals, businesses, and industries that prioritize document integrity and aesthetic appeal. YIDU can produce different sizes and thickness of laminating roll film. Choose Huizhou Yidu Stationery Supplies Co., Ltd. as your laminating film supplier and help you to win more market share by helping your customers solve their laminating film problems.  


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YIDU's A4 laminating film is highly respected and recognized in the Indian market. Drawing on our expertise in composite film production for over 30 years, we have gained an understanding of the specific demands of the Indian market and developed products that cater to their needs.

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About YIDU!

was founded in 1992 in Huizhou, Guangdong, and specializes in producing and selling plastic laminating films, PET pre-coated films, slides, PET binding covers, geothermal films, gold films, new energy films, crystal films, tempered films, PET adhesive sheets, and other related products.


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Professional products, stable quality, first-class service, reasonable price, YIDU is your perfect partner in laminating film.


The products cover the domestic market with its excellent quality and are exported to Europe, North America and other developed countries and developing countries in Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East and so on.


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