Huizhou YIDU Stationery Supplies Co., Ltd: Revolutionizing Thermal Lamination Film Technology

November 21, 2023

In the dynamic arena of thermal lamination film technology, Huizhou YIDU Stationery Supplies Co., Ltd., a pioneer since 1993, stands out as a leading innovator in the global market. Specializing in laminating film, lamination roll film, pre-coating film, and an array of thermal laminate film products, YIDU is setting industry standards.

Boasting three major factories in Huizhou Huinan, Huizhou Zhongkai (China), and Taiyuan, Vietnam, YIDU spans over 100,000 square meters. Its workforce includes over 150 skilled technicians and 500 dedicated employees, solidifying its position as an industry titan.

The YIDU Difference: YIDU's laminating films provide unmatched protection and enhancement for documents and printing. Distinct for its commitment to eco-friendly innovation, YIDU employs a three-layer technique in its films, ensuring super adhesion without the use of AC chemicals. Our products are anti-static, flat and no curl after lamination and are perfect for different laminators.

Innovation and Technology at YIDU: 

YIDU's innovation is backed by an impressive portfolio of own research institute and research team in products and production lines. Its state-of-the-art production lines feature infrared thickness detectors and high-speed camera defect detectors, ensuring top-quality laminate pouch film and lamination roll film with consistent thickness and defect-free output. We have more than 60 patents developed by ourselves.

Product Range and R&D: 

YIDU's R&D prowess has led to groundbreaking products like the super adhesion lamination film, catering to heavy ink printing and special substrates, such as BOPP, PET, PVC, CPP, aluminum plating, gold, metal sheets, furniture sheets, and special inks. For example, Metal Lamination Film is a notable innovation, ideal for lamination of various metal plates, gold foil, and collectibles.

Quality and Certifications:

"Upholding the highest standards, YIDU's products and operations are certified by TUV, ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015 and BSCI. Every production process is checked by defect detectors and professional quality inspectors, and third-party inspection is strictly implemented. The third party inspection standard is strictly implemented.


Global Impact: 

With a presence in over 106 countries and partnerships with 300+ global brands, YIDU's influence extends worldwide. Its commitment to quality and service excellence has made it a preferred partner in various countries.

Future Outlook: 

YIDU's future is focused on continued innovation and quality enhancement in the lamination film industry. Its commitment to developing new products is set to make further breakthroughs.

For office, school, print, or home decoration needs, YIDU's PET laminating films and related products offer an ideal combination of quality, innovation, and functionality. Choosing YIDU means investing in a legacy of excellence.

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